Rellz Tha Postman

Rellz Tha Postman was born on July 28,1988 in Richmond Virginia. At a young age Rellz began to do hip hop music. At first it was just for fun and he loved to battle his classmates. After meeting William Street things became more serious. Together they started a group called SY(Sincerely Yours).  The group consisted of 6 rappers from the 804 area.(King Mista, King Berto, R.O.D, NR, William Street, and Rellz).  Working together became harder to do because of many reasons so Rellz began to put out solo projects. Rellz started writing to instrumentals until he decided to make his own music.  Using programs like FL studio and equipment like MIDI keybords, MPD 26, M-Audio speakers was the route he chose. Rellz Tha Postman has released his first hip hop instrumental EP.   This project has been in the work for the last three months and Rellz was thinking about several of his favorite albums when he finally realized why they are his favorite.   Rellz believes that production like the Nas's illmatic and Jay's Reasonable Doubt is why hip hop appeals to him so much .  In order to make the best hip hop instrumental EP Rellz had to study the game for many years. "Now it is time to show the world what I have developed"


Christobal The Vision

Christobal the Vision was born February 7th 1990 and he was diagnosed with autistic features. As a child, he was gifted with the ability to rap by looking at music videos that were showcasing rap. In the teenage years of Christobal, he had a knack for producing beats and still was rapping on the side. The inspiration for beats began from playing the Playstation 2 video game called MTV Music Generator 2; afterwards production came to Fruity Loops and Christobal began to find his art form of 80's-esque instrumentals. Originally, a mixtape called On the Other Note was going to be materialized but the title was changed into Has the Eye on the Prize. The mixtape featured beats from both Christobal and his brother Rellz Tha Postman. The debut album Is Seeing Things was inspired from DeBarge Cameo & Michael Jackson hit records from the late 80's; there are also influences of Will Smith (previously the Fresh Prince) & LL Cool J for some of the records. The status of the album is postponed for the time being due to collaborative projects with Rellz Tha Postman and various artists affiliated with Flyah ENT.


D-Swiss was born and raised in Dewitt Virginia.  At a young age he developed a passion for hip hop music.  It started by listening to gangsta rap from the 90's such as No limit Records and other New Orleans artist.  D Swiss was inspired by the street lingo and struggle because similar to his life. Being the youngest out of 7 kids times was hard so it was only right that he expressed it in his music.  His mom and Pop split when he was young and he spent most of his life with other relatives.  Being in the streets he received incarceration time which only made his life harder.  In high school he met Rellz Tha Postman and the two became good friends before they even knew they both did music.  Once the subject music came into play they would talk at lunch about doing music but D Swiss never would rhyme(the secret weapon)  Later after high school they met up again but this time it was on.  The two began to work on his first project "Black Jesus" which can be downloaded on Datpiff or this website.  D Swiss and Flyah Entertainment are work on several projects that are soon to come


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